Time to get Uncomfortable

May 15, 2015

Think back to a time when you reallllllly wanted to do something or go somewhere, but for one reason or another you didn't do it or didn't go.  When situations like these arise, do you ask yourself what is holding you back?  Is it fear...fear of the unknown, fear of failing, fear of being uncomfortable?  As humans, we are creatures of comfort.  We like what we know and what we are used to.  We want minimal stress, minimal anxiety, and to always know what is coming next.  We wake up, get ready for work, punch the clock, hit the gym, head home, eat dinner, relax or do some more work, and call it a day. Many of us are so comfortable where we are that we never get to realize our full potential and what we could do or who we could become if only we allowed ourselves to take a step outside of our comfort zones. A lot of people fear being put in an awkward, uncomfortable situation, but I believe a situation is only as awkward and uncomfortable as you make it or let it be. For me, some of the best things that have happened in my life started with me being "uncomfortable."  In fact, as crazy as it may sound to some of you, I actually like being uncomfortable every once in awhile.  It pushes me to try new things, to meet new people, and to look at things differently.  I believe that doing something uncomfortable lets me create the person I want to become instead of just settling for what I am. 


As I sat at my computer earlier this week, reading about the second annual Buti Yoga Retreat that will take place later this summer,  a "ginormous" smile began to take over my face.  I knew the retreat was something I really wanted to do and something that would push me way out of comfort zone.  When I told my husband about the retreat and how badly I wanted to go, he seemed a bit confused.  Why would I want to fly across the country to spend three days in a big house with a group of women that I've never met. Isn't that a bit weird?  Of course once he realized how excited I was, he gave me his full support.  I get it... maybe to some people it is a bit "weird," but to me, it isn't weird at all. It's my next big chance to get uncomfortable and I am more than ready to take it!  Yes, I will be spending a weekend with complete strangers...eating meals together, sharing stories, shaking our booties, and most importantly learning and growing together.  Do I know exactly how the weekend will play out? Of course I don't.  But, it is scary and exciting all at the same time and that is how I know it is right. That is how I know that five or ten years from now I won't look back at this moment with regret and wonder, "what if I would've gone."   


When is the last time that you let yourself get uncomfortable (and I'm not talking about not being able to find the soft spot on your couch)? I mean, when is the last time that you pushed yourself mentally or physically further than you thought you were capable of going....the last time you took a chance and jumped in feet first. Maybe it was yesterday in your yoga class when your teacher asked you to do some "Cirque du Soleil" looking pose, which you thought would be better left to the professionals OR perhaps the last time you felt uncomfortable was more than five years ago when you decided to leave your job to pursue your passion. However long it has been, I challenge you to let yourself get uncomfortable.  Take risks, try new things, go somewhere different, and be open...because where fear and excitement meet, that's where the real magic happens!  



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