"I'm the New Hip Shakin', Booty Poppin' Kind of Yogi"

April 22, 2015


If you're anything like I used to be, when you hear "yoga," you think of a bunch of "zen" people in a room, repeating mantras, and practicing crazy looking poses with incredibly weird sounding names.  I, for one, was not sold on the idea of forgoing my usual gym session to attend a "relaxing" (I use this term lightly) yoga class.  Fast forward to present day.  Mrs. "yoga isn't a workout" is now a yoga instructor herself! BUT....I'm not just any kind of yoga instructor...I'm the new  hip shakin', booty poppin' kind of yogi!  


It definitely took some time for me to get comfortable saying it, but now when people ask me what I do for work, I tell them proudly, "I'm a Buti Yoga instructor!"  This often gets met with the response "Oh, I took some yoga classes before.  It just wasn't for me."  Well, for all you "yoga isn't for me" people out there, I will be the first to tell you that up until a couple of years ago, that was my same response...that is, until I met Buti Yoga!  Yes, Buti Yoga is absolutely different from other forms of yoga, but say what you want about it, it IS indeed yoga.  I've had students approach me before and after class and tell me that people and even other yoga instructors have told them that Buti Yoga isn't really yoga and that these individuals even went as far as bashing everything that it stands for.  I know...it seems crazy, right?  People actually speaking negatively about women empowering other women...about women learning to love their bodies and embrace who they are.  I hate to say it, but of course I'm going to, these individuals are unfortunately very closed-minded and are the ones who have never even tried Buti Yoga. They are scared of change...scared of something different. Well, these people should definitely be scared of me then, because I AM different and in no way am I ashamed of that. Do I read sutras or have my students repeat mantras during class? I do not.  Do I use the proper names for yoga poses?  I can't even pronounce 99% of them!  Do I pop my booty in plank and circle my hips in warrior one?  You better believe I do!  Do I play hip-hop, electronic, and tribal music during class?  That's like asking if a pig's ass is pork!  Buti Yoga is MY KIND OF YOGA.  It gets me.  It lets me play the kind of music I like, dance and shake my booty, gives me just as intense (if not more) of a workout than if I went to gym, and of course my favorite part, it let's me tap into a side of myself that I had never been in touch with before.  If it weren't for Buti Yoga, I would still think "yoga just isn't for me."  Now I know, that yoga IS for me.  It may not be the kind that most people think of when they hear "yoga," but that doesn't mean that my yoga practice isn't "real."  For those individuals who truly believe "Buti Yoga isn't real yoga," maybe you should come take a look at the puddle of sweat underneath me after a class and tell me if it is fake ...or better yet, maybe you should come try a class for yourself and tell me if the soreness that you feel in every single one of your muscles, including the ones you never knew you even had, is fake.  The fact that there are people out there who don't think Buti Yoga is "real" just further demonstrates that people reject what they do not know.  Yoga is for everyone and anyone who possesses the will to live a healthier, stress free life.  It doesn't matter what type of yoga you are doing, it just matters that you are doing what feels right.  What's right for me may not be right for you, but that does not mean that it is wrong.


If you come to one of my classes expecting to chant "Om" and participate in a nice, slow-paced practice while listening to sounds of the earth, you are in for a BIG suprise!  Be ready to shake it, pop it, and circle it, because I'm the new kind of yogi and damn proud of it! 



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